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The National Public Third Class A general hospital


The People's Hospital of Wenjiang District, Chengdu was founded in 1977, and was listed as “Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences Sichuan People's Hospital Wenjiang District Hospital” in February 2016, is a set of medical, first aid, teaching, scientific research, health care, health care in one of the national three-class a general hospital, located in Chengdu Medical City, B district, as the core medical base of Chengdu Medical City.

The hospital has a total floor area of 142,000 square meters, with 1,000 beds, 39 clinical departments and 10 medical and technical departments, and 19 regional medical quality control centers It is a Sichuan University Affiliated Hospital of Hwaseo Health School, Teaching Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese medicine, clinical teaching base of more than 20 medical colleges and Southwest Medical University, and training base of general practitioners in Chengdu.

The hospital has 1115 employees and 949 health technicians, including 137 senior professional titles, 124 master's and doctoral students, and 1 person in the“Thond-person plan” of Sichuan province, provincial and municipal academic and technical leaders and reserves of 6 candidates. The total value of the existing medical equipment in the hospital exceeds 300 million yuan, with 53 pieces of equipment over 1 million yuan, it is equipped with a 3.0 T, 1.5 T magnetic resonance imagin system () , a 256-row ultra-high-end wide-body X-ray helical scanner (CT) , a high-energy medical electronic linear accelerator (LA) , an intelligent mobile angiography system (DSA) , a multi-functional high-end color ultrasound diagnostic equipment, a high-definition electronic gastroscope and an ultrasonic endoscope, an automatic biochemical analysis system, a high-end surgical microscope, a region-leading DSA Hybrid operating room, a multi-functional emergency rescue unit and other high-end medical equipment and facilities.

The hospital adheres to the platform development concept of“Opening hospital and cooperating to benefit the people”, under the leadership of the District Party Committee and District Government and with the help of the in-depth trusteeship of the People's Hospital of Sichuan province, to strengthen the international and domestic cooperation of high-quality technology projects, the Alliance Health Care Services and the United States have reached strategic cooperation in the radiotherapy of cancer, the establishment of the United States Medical Wenjiang International Institute of Cancer Diagnosis and treatment; Partnership with Betterlife to actively explore tinnitus and deafness diagnostic and treatment programs, McGill University to McGill University a strategic partnership in Brain Science and neuromedicine; To collaborate with the University of Hong Kong in the establishment of the Institute of ultrasound medical diagnosis, and with the Peking University Health Science Center in the establishment of the Centre for the diagnosis of precision oncology (PET-CT, Pet-mri) ; To set up clinical medical testing center and clinical laboratory of Neuromedicine with Sichuan People's Hospital. The hospital currently has the first-class key medical specialty of Sichuan province, such as gastroenterology (minimally invasive direction) , ultrasound diagnostics, oncology, etc. , as well as minimally invasive digestion, ultrasound medicine, nursing, respiratory and critical care medicine, and other key medical specialty in Chengdu (construction) . In the past 5 years, he has presided over 1 scientific research project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 5 scientific research projects of Sichuan provincial science and Technology Department, 44 scientific research projects of the provincial and Municipal Health Commission, Provincial Education Department, Provincial Medical Association and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

Hospital always adhere to the“People-oriented, people-oriented,” the purpose of running the hospital, he was awarded the national, provincial, municipal and district awards for “Outstanding Contribution to the special poverty alleviation work of our province”, “Outstanding Award” of the 2018 China Hospital Quality Management (medical) award, “Outstanding Award” of the 2017 China Hospital for management innovation, “The most growing hospital in China's counties and cities”, “The hospital for humanistic management innovation”, “The excellent model hospital for China's hospital construction”, “The leading model hospital for urban and rural health services in Chengdu”, “The advanced unit for production safety at the tertiary level”, “The advanced unit for the establishment of the Sichuan Comprehensive Health Emergency response demonstration zone”, “The Sichuan provincial department of Human Resources and social security” and “The Sichuan provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau”.

Looking to the future, the hospital will accurately grasp the “Three new and one high” requirements of the district party committee and the District Government, base on the goal of “Happy Wenjiang District, beautiful city” and rely on the construction of the three-medicine health industry, based on the medical core base of the Medical City, to build a hardware facilities and service capacity to achieve a three-class a boutique hospital, covering the western Chengdu, the southwest area of the Regional Medical Center Radiation Chengdu as a goal, sichuan province (district) to create a county-level hospital high-quality development of the hospital model, and strive to become the National District (County)-level characteristic brand hospitals.